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Medicare levy surcharge, thresholds and rates

Different Medicare levy surcharge thresholds and rates apply to individuals and families. We use a special definition of income (called income for MLS purposes) to determine whether you are liable to pay the Medicare levy surcharge and the rate you will have to pay. What is included in income for MLS purposes? If you have [Read more…]

Running Your Business From Home

If your home is also your place of business, you can claim income tax deductions for a portion of the costs of owning, maintaining and using your home for this purpose. When you sell your home you may be liable for capital gains tax. Your home is your place of business if you run your [Read more…]

Business or hobby?

You may be unsure whether you’re in business, or your activity is just a hobby. A hobby is a spare-time activity or pastime pursued for pleasure or recreation. Unlike a hobby, a business is run with the intention of making a profit and has basic reporting requirements, such as declaring income and claiming expenses. It’s [Read more…]

Investing in shares

Dividends (income from shares) are considered income for tax purposes. There are also other tax implications of obtaining, owning and disposing of shares, including shares in employee share schemes. You can claim deductions for costs related to the dividend income, such as management fees and interest on money you borrowed to buy the shares. Obtaining [Read more…]